• Would you like a
    Calmer Classroom?


    Calmer Self?

    EFT to the Rescue !
    EFT is an easy, effective, modern emotion management tool
    to support a calmer & happier classroom.

  • Powerful Calming Can Happen!

    The secret sauce is EFT Meridian Tapping ....

    What is Tapping ?

    Tapping is an Nerve Calming & De-stressing Tool

    Tapping is a very simple, easy to learn and use tool that is freely available at your fingertips. It doesn't cost money, and can be done anytime, anywhere.


    Tapping helps calm down the sympathetic nervous system, so the agitation and over-excitement is calmed. It can be a great additional classroom management tool that doesn't take much effort or time.


    Tapping is effective, simple, and easy-to-learn (and FREE) tool to release stress anytime, anywhere. Used effectively in the classroom, the positive side effects can include increased empathy and understanding, increased emotional resiliency, improved test scores (due to lowered test anxiety), and so much more!

    Why & When to Tap ?

    When You Want to Regain Your Calm

    Kids and adults alike make better choices when we are calm. Kids these days are busy, rather overwhelmed, and constantly connected - in other words, have so much stress around them. They are often not really trained to sit in nature, to meditate or to "let go" with intention.


    All the daily stress can add up in students' mind & bodies, leading to a state of dis-ease. As more medical doctors are agreeing, stress is the number one leading cause of disease. So, Tapping helps to not just create Calmer Schools, but it also creates healthier individuals.  


    Tap whenever you notice an emotional charge. Frustrated (with stubborn teacher/student)? Upset(at your friend)? Sad (something happened)? Scared (close call) ? Hurt (meanie) ? Anxious (for test or performance)? Stress triggers are every where! And the beauty is..... you can also combat that by Tapping, anytime, anywhere!

    Where & How to Tap ?

    The Basic Tapping Points

    The effectiveness of stimulating Chinese acupuncture points that exist all over our body has been proven for many thousands of years. EFT uses some of the most powerful points. All we need is a few fingers to tap - no needles required!


    (0. Pinky-Side of the Hand, so called "Karate Chop Point")


    1. Top of the Head (Monkey Point)

    2. Beginning of the Eyebrow Points

    3. Side of the Eyes (Tear Point 1)

    4. Under the Eyes (Tear Point 2)

    5. Under the Nose Point (Nose Point)

    6. Under the Mouth/Above the Chin (Chinny Chin Chin Point)

    7. Collar Bone Point (Gorilla Thump Points)

    8. Under Arm Point (Tickle Points)


    Extra Power Points

    9. Wrist Points

    10. Squeeze the Side of Finger Nails

    11. Rib Cage Points


    We will tap on the following points with a few fingers, 4-10 times.

    What Else?

    Just Some Note of Caution

    When used in a professionally used, EFT Meridian Tapping has proven to be effective in dealing with PTSD, trauma and extreme anxiety including phobias as well. In the school setting, however, the goal is to induce a general sense of calm - not to dive deep into trauma history. However, it is important to understand this, due to the fact that tapping works with the nervous and memory storage system in a deep way.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your professional resource person(s).

  • Free Download

    How did Sally handle her feelings when she was bullied?

    Special thanks to Ann Adams for sharing her book for young children

    "Sally and The Bully"

  • Steps to EFT Tapping

    Kid Friendly Version (for the little ones)

    1. Set Up Phrase

    Tap on the fatty side of your or the child's hand

    0. Pinky-side of hand (Karate Chop Point), while saying:


    "Even though

    (the negative emotion, incident, etc, such as 'my friend pushed me down' or 'I am so mad') ....

    .... I am still a great kid."

    2. Tapping Around

    Tap on the following locations while recalling the situation that bothers the child.


    1. Top of the Head (Monkey Point)

    2. Beginning of the Eyebrow Point

    3. Side of the Eye (Tear Point 1)

    4. Under the Eye (Tear Point 2)

    5. Under the Nose Point

    6. Under the Mouth/Above the Chin (Chinny Chin Point)

    7. Collar Bone Point (Gorilla Points)

    8. Under Arm Point (Tickle Points)



    Bonus Points

    9. Wrist Point (Watch Point)

    10. Squeeze the Side of Finger Nails (Manicure Points)


    Repeat a few times.

    3. Take a Few Deep Breaths

    Encourage them to take full deep breaths opening their arms, 

    then slowly blowing out 100 candles lined up in front of them going deep into the earth.

    4. Check to See How They are Feeling !

    Are they a little more relaxed?  A little more smiley?  Are they feeling better?

    Remind them they can always tap on those points whenever they want to get rid of the Yucky feelings!

  • We Support Calm Schools

    We like bringing peace into life - from a young age !

    Mitsuko Ito

    MindBody Atlanta

    Certified EFT Practitioner

    Mitsuko knows how stress/anxiety can lead to lower quality of life, including chronic tension and physical pain. Painful, unprocessed memories and events experienced at young age can carry well into one's adult life. Motivated by the thought, "How much better would it be if kids learned to manage their emotions when they are younger, rather than having to carry around the burden all these years?" she finds joy in sharing EFT with youth and children in the community, and anyone who is open to learning how to tap.

    Dana Young

    Dragonfly Reiki

    Healer, Coach & More

    Dana Young is an energy healer, life coach and mother of two children. She has used EFT with tween and teens to help create healthy responses to feelings of stress and panic related to school or social environments. Her experience with children has demonstrated that EFT is a safe, effective and easy way to regain emotional balance. When children are under stress, they are not very well grounded; EFT helps them reconnect emotionally and physically to support their well-being.

    Ann Adams

    From the Desk of Ann Adams
    EFT Master Trainer

    Ann Adams, also known as THE Master Trainer of Master Trainers of EFT, has almost 40 years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker in the mental health field.

    Ann worked closely with the creator of EFT, Gary Craig, on several projects. She shares her wealth of knowledge, experience, and her solid, grounded presence is loved by many in the EFT world.

    Ann generously shares a free and downloadable EFT book

    "Sally and the Bully" written with her sister for children.

    Melissa Olson

    Melissa Lester, LCSW

    Counselor, Psychotherapist

    Melissa Lester Olson is an LCSW with a Taoist/Buddhist meditation practice, experienced in hypnotherapy and EFT, she has a passion for working with women across the lifespan.